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Our Story

Old World Trimming was formed in December of 2017. After working nearly 25 years for West Coast Trimming, Robert Garcia started Old World Trimming after West Coast Trim closed earlier the same year. After learning the business from mentors, Arnold Pretz and James McBride, Robert took what he learned, gathered a team and started the new company. We all love the business and the old world way of making trims. Not only do we want to keep the business going from a business stand point, but we want to keep a part of American History alive. We also understand the needs of our customers for our unique services and products. When more and more companies are closing or manufacturing overseas, we are proud to say our trims are made in house and made in America.

Robert Garcia

Robert Garcia learned as much as he could from friends and mentors, Arnold Pretz and James McBride, while working for West Coast Trimming. He was given free reign to learn the manufacturing along with learning the business part of the business. Jim showed him the manufacturing part and taught him how to set up the knitters, and how to create patterns. Arnold taught him how to place colors when making a custom fringe, also how to work with customers and see what the client is trying to achieve. If it weren’t for them he would not be able to continue what he loves to do.

Luis Muro

Custom fringe and cord master

Luis is a master at making cords and bullion fringes. His knowledge for making cords and bullion fringes is what gives him a title of master. Luis can make cords in many sizes and styles. Bullion fringe is another one of his skills. He can make a short bullion fringe and to lengths of 36 inches or longer. Attention to detail is what he is known for.

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